Florida Keys

Boasting 120 miles of tropical islands, The Florida Keys are the closest you’ll get to the Caribbean in the United States. Linked by a series of bridges and spread over the Atlantic Ocean, Florida Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, the tranquil Keys encompass five regions of pure magic.

Surrounded by shallow flats, mangroves and coral reefs, much of the Keys, particularly Key Largo, offer a miraculous array of underwater ventures, including scuba diving to historic wrecks and snorkelling. Characterised by sportfishing in Islamorada, delicious Caribbean-influenced cuisine, the iconic key lime pie, adventure and relaxation, the Keys place you worlds away from the mainland.

Most iconic of all the islands is Key West, a vibrant destination brimming with bars, restaurants, museums, beaches and watersports. This Cuban-inspired city sits at the southernmost point of the Keys as the last stop on the Overseas Highway, boasting pastel coloured houses and delicious seafood restaurants. The atmosphere is a friendly one and all this culminates in the famous Mallory Square, where you can watch the sunset amid live music, sociable pleasure seekers and balmy temperatures.

The highlights of buying property in The Florida Keys.

Buying property in the Florida Keys offers a variety of benefits. The tranquil atmosphere and close proximity to the mainland of Florida draws visitors to this sub-tropical paradise, and the Caribbean-influenced culture and cuisine transports you a world away from the USA.

Enjoy the subtropical temperatures of the Florida Keys. Due to their proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, the Keys enjoy a tropical climate in both summer and winter.

Taking the Overseas Highway from Miami and through Homestead will allow you to embark on a carefree tour through the entirety of the Florida Keys, ending in the famous Key West. This journey takes three and a half hours.

Drawn by the promise of a tropical paradise, The Florida Keys’ property market remains strong, offering a number of luxury homes. Consistent demand makes them good investment properties whilst also providing the perfect space to escape to.

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