For a taste of The Bahamas’ urban personality, Nassau is the energetic hub of this pristine archipelago, decorated with charming pastel-coloured buildings overlooking the harbour. Welcoming daily cruise ships of visitors hungry for a taste of the Bahamian lifestyle, there’s plenty of things to see and do in Nassau, with a generous array of hidden gems to discover too. Steeped in its own helping of history and once famously a republic of pirates, the historic Old Town pairs with museums, spectacular beaches, national parks, and rustic landmarks, including the scenic Queen’s Staircase, as well as the luxurious Paradise Island, accessible from Nassau. Being the main entry point into The Bahamas, it’s also a great place from which to explore the surrounding islands on cruises or day trips. Buying Nassau property is an ideal choice.

The highlights of buying property in Nassau

Located on the island of New Providence, Nassau is by far the most popular place for buying property in The Bahamas. From the luxurious community of Paradise Island to the popular neighbourhoods of Lyford Cay and Old Fort Bay, Nassau remains attractive for those looking to benefit from this central location

The Bahamas offers tax incentives for those looking to buy property or relocate, including exemption for foreign companies on real property taxes for up to 20 years.

As the gateway to The Bahamas, Nassau guarantees a high volume of visitors into the area which is great for those looking to buy an investment property.

Nassau is considered to be the most stable real estate market in the Caribbean, ideal for long-term real estate investments.

Whilst Nassau offers an energetic urban lifestyle, more tranquil and idyllic islands are close by, including Eleuthera, Blue Lagoon Island, and Big Major Cay, home to the famous swimming pigs.

The best places to buy property in The Bahamas.​​