Where island escapism takes centre stage, Eleuthera offers untamed expanses of white sand beaches, tropical foliage and friendly villages characterised by a laid back Bahamian charm. Possessing the best of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, this slender island spans 100 miles, located only 118 kilometres away from the capital city of Nassau. Beautiful sandbars and rose-tinted beaches combine with picturesque streets lined with traditional clapboard houses. Properties in Eleuthera range from outstanding beachfront villas to beautiful elevated homes immersed in an untouched landscape.

Located less than two miles off of the coast of Eleuthera and often recognised as one in the same, Harbour Island is known to many as a treasure in the Bahamas. Accessible by a short boat ride, this is where you’ll uncover the iconic hues of the Pink Sand Beach and be able to marvel at the timeless natural beauty of this secluded island.

Buying property in Eleuthera will give you access to unlimited tranquility, as well as plenty to explore. Discover the Glass Window Bridge, where the spectacular deep blue hues of the Atlantic contrast with the vibrant shades of the Caribbean. Uncover the island’s pineapple fields, wander through intricate cave formations and reveal the enchantment of the remote Lighthouse Beach located at Eleuthera’s southernmost point.

The highlights of buying property in Eleuthera

With miles of untouched beachfront property, Eleuthera offers a luxurious location to escape and unwind. Brimming with an array of natural attractions, tranquility prevails.

The quickest way to travel between Nassau and Eleuthera is by plane, located just over one hour away.

Offering a low-tax environment and with a stable currency, The Bahamas offers tax incentives for those looking to buy property or relocate, including exemption for foreign companies on real property taxes for up to 20 years.

When you buy property in Eleuthera, you’ll also buy a slice of the laidback way of life that it promises. Endless white and pink sand beaches, a quaint village, and underwater wonders — it’s easy to become aligned with the Bahamian way of life in Eleuthera.

Considered to be one of the most stable real estate markets in the Caribbean, buying a property in Eleuthera is a great long-term investment.

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